Cosmic Ryder

Shaper Comments:

I first started to make the Cosmic Ryder in 1999. At that time I don’t think people were ready for a true retro displacement hull, which can be hard to ride. You have to get used to riding the board forward from the tail. People liked the outline but kept requesting changes that were turning the model into a straight forward funboard. In the last few years there was a resurgence in displacement hull shapes. In 2013, I brought the Cosmic Ryder back, and it is having a lot of success. The Cosmic Ryder is not a board for everyone. If you’re looking for that true fin forward displacement glide it’s one of the best out there.

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Nose 16 ½”
Width 21”
Tail 15 ½” – 16 ½”
Thickness 2 ¾” – 3“

Additional information

Best Selling Sizes

7’- 7’10”

Ideal Wave

This board likes cleaner waves


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