D-evolution VI

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This is the last board of the Devolution series. This may seem like an odd grouping considering the Devo VI is closer in shape to the Original Fat Ride and the War Pig, with a straight up thruster shape. I classify it as a hybrid shortboard shape not a retro shape like the other in the Devo series. Why did I group it with the Devo shapes? It seemed to make sense considering the template I use is the same exact template I use for the Devo II. I just use di$erent numbers. It has a fuller outline and a thicker foil which allows you to ride the board 2” to 4” shorter than your standard shortboard. This shape also lends itself to a 5 fin set up.

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Nose 15” – 15 ½”
Width 20” – 20 ½”
Tail 15 ½”
Thickness 2 ¼ “ – 2¾”

Additional information

Best Selling Sizes

5’8” – 6’6”

Ideal Wave

Waist high to slightly overhead


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