Fat Ride

Shaper Comments:

In 1992 Fat Ride was originally shaped as a response to the extremely narrow and thin surfboards of the time. Fat Rides were mostly 5’10” to 6’2” in length and about 20” wide. Over time bigger guys started ordering the Fat Ride in larger sizes and it ending up being a big guy thruster. In 2009 custom orders increased for boards that $t the original Fat Ride template. In 2010 I reworked the original template and the Original Fat Ride Model came to life. The Fat Ride has always been a strong seller and still is. Available in a Squash or Rd Pintail.

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Nose 12” – 13”
Width 19” -20”
Tail 15” – 15 ½ “
Thickness 2 ¼” – 2 ¾“

Additional information

Best Selling Sizes

5’8” – 6’2”

Ideal Wave

Waist high to overhead surf


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