King Fish

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In 1992, I shaped the first King Fish which became the second model I released. The first surfboard I owned was a twin n. In 1978 MR’s redesign of the twin n opened my eyes to how you could push the limits of the twin n design. After moving from San Diego, CA to Jacksonville Beach, FL, I felt my surfing could benefit from riding a twin fin. After several years riding only thrusters I was reluctant to build a full on twin. I wanted to take a 1978 era twin fin and modernize it. I increased the rocker and narrowed and thinned the boards out. Most importantly I changed the fin placement and added a stabilizer in the center position. Over the years I have moved the wing around a bit. In recent years I decided to leave the wing just behind the fins. This model works well as a twin fin as well as a twin +1.

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Nose 14”
Width 20” – 20 ½“
Tail 15”
Thickness 2 ¼“ to 2 ¾”

Additional information

Best Selling Sizes

5’8” – 6’4”

Ideal Wave

Waist high to slightly over head surf


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