Micro Plug

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When the Mini Plug drops below 7’ I have to make minor changes to the outline and rocker. For this reason I renamed this model the Micro Plug, when it falls between sizes 6’ to 6’10”. This model still paddles like a much larger board. A well placed rocker combined with V and roll allows this board to make very aggressive turns. The most common feedback I get on this model is, “I’m surprised how well it turns”. The Micro Plug has a 2 + 1 fin set up. It works well with 3.75” side bite and a 7” or 8” center fin. I like the Wingnut Cutaway. It also works well with a thruster style set up using 4.75“ side fins and a 5” or 6” rake. The Futures 2+1 Hatchet set is what I ride in mine.

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Nose 18”
Width 22”
Tail 16” to 16 ½”
Thickness 2 ½” – 3“

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Best Selling Sizes

6’ – 6’10”

Ideal Wave

Designed for all around surf


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