Mini Plug

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The Original concept behingdthe Mini Plug, circa 1995, was to create a fish for long boarders. In the years that followed the Mini Plug has become one of my all-time best sellers. The wider tail and parallel outline gives this board the oat of a longboard with the turning radius of a shorter board. The entry rocker is at enough so it paddles well but progressive enough to allow for very aggressive turning. The Mini Plug is a 2+1 n conguration. Recommended fins are 3 ½” side bites with a 8” to 9” Wingnut cutaway, for a more thruster feeling board use The Furture 2+1 Hatchet set up.

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Nose 18”
Width 22”
Tail 16 ½”
Thickness 2 2/3” – 3“

Additional information

Best Selling Sizes

7’- 7’10” available up to 9’4“

Ideal Wave

Surfer’s discretion


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