The Juice

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The Juice is one of my first longboard templates from the early 90’s. It was originally used for the PLB-1 (Performance Longboard I) and my performance nose rider boards. As the market for longboards evolved, I revised the original template into two boards. First was the Midway and the second is the PLB-2. However, over the years I continued to get requests for the original template. After 15 years, I decided to rework my original template and The Juice was born. The key aspects of the original board that people seemed to like were a thick nose and a narrow tail. The tail was easy, I just used the original template to give the board a pulled in outline. The nose was a bit harder to do. To keep that full thick feel I went with a down rail and a duck bill nose. This gave me comfort in the fact that the board was more pleasing to the eye but keeps all the feel that made the original what it was.

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Nose 18”
Width 22”
Tail 14”
Thickness 2 ¾“ – 3”

Additional information

Best Selling Sizes

9’ – 9’4”

Ideal Wave

Waves that have some punch to them. Build to handle steep and larger surf.


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