Traditional Pintail

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My favorite classic longboards where made during the early stages of the transition era circa 1967. During this time longboards were close to being perfected. They were very maneuverable and they rode the nose well. The Traditionalist model picks up where those boards left off. I mixed the old school outlines with new school rocker and foils. I don’t want to be misleading by stressing the performance aspect of this model because it de#nitely nose rides. I roll the bottom and fade it into good V in the tail. It all blends together with 50/50 style rails that flow to an up rail in the nose. I ride a 9’2” and it’s my favorite longboard model to date. I don’t put a nose concave in my personal boards but I do put concave in most stock Traditionalist. I think most surfers expect their nose riders to have one. Also available in a square tail.

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Nose 18”
Width 23”
Tail 16”
Thickness 2 ¾“- 3”

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Best Selling Sizes

9’ 4“, 9’ 6” , 9‘10“

Ideal Wave

Whatever you are comfortable riding a traditional longboard in.


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