War Pig

Shaper Comments:

The War Pig was built to give the advantages of riding a fish without losing the feel of a shortboard. The end result is a very well rounded board, which is capable of riding small weak surf to overhead juice. If you’re a contest surfer this board is a great secret weapon to add to your quiver. I added a little nose over the last few years to allow you to ride a little smaller board. Diamond Tail. Available in a thruster, quad or five fin set up.

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Nose 13”- 13 ½ “
Width 19” ½ – 20”
Tail 15” – 15 ½ “
Thickness 2 3/8 “ – 2 5/8 “

Additional information

Best Selling Sizes

5’8” – 6’1”

Ideal Wave

Knee high to slightly overhead


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